Our Story

Heritage Capital Group (HCG) provide integrated, sophisticated wealth management solutions for individual investors and their families.

The HCG ethos is built on the 4 core tenets of Transparency, Agility, Integrity and Personalisation.

Managing every component of your wealth management plan internally, we work with you and your professional network to provide a bespoke service offering with unparalleled flexibility, transparency and strategic freedom.

Our agile approach, supported by a combined 30 years in wealth management, enables HCG to build personalised plans that can be optimised and adjusted directly and immediately.

HCG is committed to the delivery of client transparency, access to any service and investment in the market, agile responses to client needs and a customised plan that exceeds expectations.

Directors Hamish Blievers and Elizabeth Walmsley, together with their internal team of wealth management experts and research & technology partners are innovative in their approach to investment solutions.

A completely customised service backed by the expertise of industry specialists is provided with the convenience and immediacy our clients require.






After gaining a thorough understanding of your financial needs and goals, we work collaboratively with your accountant, lawyer and existing professional relationships to produce a seamlessly integrated investment solution in-house.


We seek the most tax effective structures specifically for your situation, tailoring a plan that reflects your current requirements, future needs and individual considerations. Our aim is to simplify your financial affairs and protect and grow your wealth through personalised services.

Measured Management

Our wealth management plans are supported by innovative insights supplied by leading research and technology partners. This measured approach steeped in research and a thorough understanding of your financial infrastructure allows us to build portfolios that meet your needs whilst taking advantage of market opportunities in a risk-conscious manner.

Leveraging Expertise
We use direct investments when we have a competitive edge and leverage the expertise of specialist managers in order to produce exceptional results.
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